Show Schedule

Aug.12-13 2020

Sip and Shop

Abington Vineyard

20530 Alvarado Rd

Abington Va. 24211

Come enjoy day at the Vineyard

Shop our Cotton and Linen tunics and tops

Check out our Cotton Sleep Shirts

August 6-9 2020


Women's World


We will be in same space but isles will be larger this year

We will not be in Louisville for State Fair so please come see us at CAR SHOW

We have super selection since all of our Spring Shows got cancelled this year

We are  NOT able to come to STATE FAIR this year because inside spaces cancelled.

If you usually see us at the FAIR please come see us at THE CAR SHOW.

If you come out to CAR SHOW and spend $25.00 with us we will pay half your ticket price

Really need your support this year since so many shows cancelled

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